Building On Unified Capabilities

Our Centers of Excellence provide a balanced selection of products and services, in multiple locations - offering hard metal machining, high-speed machining, complex forming, including stretch form, hydroform and skin stretch, comprehensive sheet metal forming up to 240", Aluminum and Titanium Hot Forming, welding and assembly. These unified capabilities exemplify our commitment to a unified, synergistic approach to producing a broad range of high quality, precision aerospace parts.


Hard-Metal Machining

Aerostructures: Hard Metal Machining

High-Speed Machining

Aerostructures: High Speed Machining

Complex Forming

Aerostructures: Complex Forming

Sheet Metal

Aerostructures: Sheet Metal


Aerostructures: Welding


Aerostructures: Assembly



Hard-Metal Machining

Aeroequipment: Hard Metal Machining

High-Speed Machining

Aeroequipment: High Speed Machining


Aeroequipment: Assembly

Manifolds + Fuel Controls

Aeroequipment: Manifolds


Aeroequipment: Solenoids